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Sago/Sabudana Banana Kheer

Published: 10-Sep-2019 |Author: Nivi Jaswal - Wellness coach based in Boston, US | Read Later

Nutrition :
This healthy recipe for kids is provided by Nivi Jaswal, our expert based in Boston, who is a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach
Sabudana is high in starch & provides instant energy. Good for children to fill their tummy and meet their high energy needs. Banana & dates take care of the sweetness of the kheer as well as providing important minerals and a mood elevator

Ingredients :
Sabudana, Banana, Dates, Nuts & Cardamon (optional)

Instructions :
  • Soak 1 katori sabudana in water for 10-15 mins till all the water is absorbed
  • Boil the soaked sabudana in 2-3 katori water (adjust water as per the consistency required) over medium heat, until cooked & individual pearls have swollen completely
  • Separately create a paste of Dates (10-12) & Ripe Banana (2) in a blender
  • Add this “sweetener” paste to the cooked sabudana & stir thoroughly
  • Cool the kheer in refrigerator & serve.
  • Garnish with chopped nuts & cardamom (optional)
Makes 2-3 katori kheer