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Ragi Wholesome Ladoo

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Nutrition :
These whole grain ladoos are high in iron, calcium, protein, fibre & essential fatty acids & good for growth & development

Ingredients :
Ragi atta, Wheat atta, Besan, Suji, Jaggery, Ghee, Dry fruits

Instructions :
  1. Mix ½ katori Ragi atta, 1/2 katori besan, 1/2 katori wheat flour, 1/2 katori suji with 1/2 katori ghee in a kadhai
  2. Cook on low flame until golden brown & you get an aroma, remove & let cool
  3. Add Jaggery & Dry fruits (powdered or cut into small pieces) as per choice & knead the mix.
  4. 4. Make small laddoo’s of this sticky mixture & store in an air-tight container