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Potato Buttons

Published: 02-Sep-2019 |Author: Foodrik | Read Later

Nutrition :
Potato buttons are a high energy and carb snack. Good for growing children

Ingredients :
Suji, Potato, Spices, Oil

Instructions :
  1. In a pan add 3 katori water, let it boil & add 1 tsp mustard seeds.
  2. Now add 1 katori suji & switch off the flame once cooked and the mixture becomes thick
  3. At the same time, boil 2 potatoes & mash them. Add the cooked suji to this & masalas as per your taste & knead properly
  4. Make small cutlets out of this mixture or roll it like a chapati & cut small button shapes from it. 
  5. You can sprinkle some black sesame over them & stir fry