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All in one Laddoo

Published: 10-Sep-2019 |Author: Nivi Jaswal - Wellness coach based in Boston, US | Read Later

Nutrition :
This healthy recipe is provided by Nivi Jaswal, our expert based in Boston, who is a Mayo Clinic trained wellness coach
Oats is high in fibre, Quinoa adds protein, B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium & zinc, Dates & Figs boosts iron and are natural sweeteners

Ingredients :
Banana, Quinoa, Oats, Green Peas, Cucumbers, Dates, Figs, Coconut flakes (optional)

Instructions :
  1. Cook 2 katori quinoa (add the quinoa to 3-4 katori water and cook for about 15 mins till the added water is absorbed and the quinoa is fluffy, soft and tender)
  2. At the same time steam 2 katori green peas till they are soft
  3. In a blender add 1 medium banana, 1 chopped cucumber, 7-8 dates (without seed), few figs (as per sweetness desired), the cooked quinoa & steamed green peas
  4. Blend at high speed with a little amount of water if needed
  5. Add 3 katori oats in this mixture so that it is not runny & can be shaped into laddoos
  6. You can roll these laddoos into coconut flakes (optional)
Makes 10-12 big laddoos