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Ragi Pancake

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Nutrition :
Ragi & milk adds calcium to the pancakes while eggs add balanced protein. Curd is probiotic & good for the tummy and digestion. Whole wheat adds fibre and makes the meal filling. 

Ingredients :
Ragi atta, wheat atta, milk, curd, eggs (optional), sugar, honey, vanilla essence (optional), baking powder, fruits as a topping

Instructions :
  • Mix 1 katori ragi atta, 1 katori wheat atta, 1/2 katori (sugar/jaggery) or as per taste & 3 tsp baking powder in a bowl
  • Add 3/4 katori curd & 1 katori milk to this mixture.
  • Add 2-3 eggs (optional) & 1 tsp vanilla essence & mix the batter thoroughly
  • If required, add some more milk to adjust the consistency of the batter for the pancake (should flow but not too liquidy)
  • Heat a dot of oil/butter on a pan on medium flame & pour some pancake batter
  • Cook on both sides till it leaves the sides of the pan
  • Top it with chopped fruits & drizzle honey as required
Makes 6-7 pancakes