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Ragi & Atta Chilla Rolls

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Nutrition :
Ragi, Besan & Wheat atta makes your rolls high in protein, fibre, multivitamins & minerals

Ingredients :
Ragi atta, Wheat atta, Besan, Veggies, Spices

Instructions :
  1. Mix 1/2 katori of Ragi atta, 1/2 katori Wheat atta & 1/2 katori Besan with water to make Chilla consistency. Add salt as per taste
  2. Pour a ladle of Chilla batter on a heated greased pan & cook on both sides until golden brown
  3. Remove from the flame & spread Mint chutney or Ketchup as per taste (optional), add diced Veggies of your choice in it & make a roll