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Jowar Chocolate Pancake

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Nutrition :
Jowar enhances the fibre & protein of the pancake while Curd adds probiotic & Cocoa adds flavour & makes the pancake yummy 

Ingredients :
Jowar atta, Curd, Milk, Cocoa, Sugar

Instructions :
  1. Combine 1 katori Jowar atta, 1/2 katori Curd, 1/2 katori milk, a pinch of salt along with 1.5 tsp cocoa & 4 tsp sugar or as per taste
  2. Mix well to get a good consistency (like a dosa batter). 
  3. Cook immediately or leave for 30-60 min
  4. Pour a ladle of pancake mixture on hot & greased pan & cook both sides, at low flame. It is very delicate, so cook gently
  5. Serve hot with honey
Makes 6-7 pancakes