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Try These Products To Correct Your Iron Deficiency

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50-60% of preschoolers, school-going children & women are anaemic. Anaemia is usually due to prolonged iron deficiency. Iron increases your internal & mental strength and is critical nutrient during growth spurts/puberty. 

You can buy iron-rich foods from healthy brands available in the market. Foodrik nutritionists looked around healthy iron-rich products available in the market.

Including Bajra or Quinoa in your daily diet meets 30 percent each of your daily iron requirements. Some products you could buy: :

  • Bajra cookies by the name of Sattu Maavu by Early foods are very helpful on the go. This company believes in purity & tries to keep its product very basic & tasty
  • Bajra Vermicelli is one more interesting product that can be eaten as a meal
  • Quinoa muesli adds variety to your daily breakfast options
  • Quinoa Puffs are another healthy munching choice
Vitamin C or citrus fruits/sour tamarind intake is essential for the absorption of iron.  Make sure while eating iron-rich foods, you add on seasonal vitamin C rich fruits or add lemon juice in your foods to increase iron absorption