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Switch To Eco-friendly Disposable Containers

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The 2 most popular options are:
  • Kulhars are earthen cups or glasses which originated in India. Rural areas still use them though they are not seen much in urban areas except in themed restaurants and some roadside tea stalls
  • Banana leaves are used in South India and Filipino cuisine. They are also used in Hindu and Buddhist religious ceremonies. The leaves can also add an altogether unique flavour to the food and can even be used for steaming certain food items
Some health benefits of Banana leaves & Kulhars: 
  • Banana leaves are filled with polyphenols which are natural antioxidants that help in battling free radicals and prevention of diseases.  These polyphenols are absorbed by the food served on banana leaves and increase the nutrition of the food
  • Kulhars gives a distinct aroma and flavour to the drinks served in it. They are not made of any harmful chemicals which are the case with plastic cups (though if the mud used to make the Kulhars are contaminated with pesticides it may leach into your drink)
Other modern disposable containers available are:
  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware and cutlery
  • Areca Leaf tableware and cutlery
  • Edible products cutlery
  • Rice husk tableware and cutlery
  • Bamboo tableware and cutlery
  • Starch granule biodegradable bags
We looked for some online sources and came with the list below:
  • Evirocor,
  • SaveGlobe,
  • Pappco Greenware,
  • Multiple suppliers on Amazon and Flipkart