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Adopt This Yoga Pose While Eating

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Visit a temple or while being served food at a Gurdwara we sit on the floor. This is the traditional way of eating in a cross-legged position. Discover the many health benefits of this traditional way of eating:

  • The yoga pose
When you sit on the floor with crossed legs, you get into the Sukhasana yoga pose- a well-known pose for digestion improvement

  • Improves digestion
One has to bend down to eat food and come back to normal posture. This constant bending and coming back puts good pressure on the stomach and helps the abdominal muscles to release gastric juices, which make the eaten food softer and aids digestion

  • Improves posture
Sitting on the floor straightens the back, pushes the shoulder straight and lengthens the spine. From childhood, children learn to sit in the correct posture

  • Relaxes and calms the mind 
Sukhasana pose is a calming position and relaxes overactive children 

  • Provides knee and joint flexibility
Makes the core muscles strong, pelvic and hip muscles become flexible and ankles get gently stretched. Good for both adults and children.

  • Humbleness
Gives the feeling of humbleness in children from an early age as yogic pose gives a spiritual feeling

Adopt this simple and traditional way of eating. If not you, get your kids to eat like this.