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Hidden Sugars In The Brands You Buy At Your Kirana Store

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Sugars, Sugars, everywhere
Which one to choose?
Home-made is the best
My mom says it’s true...

The Indian market is flooded with food items for you and your children. Be wise and read and understand the label. We found these common hidden sugars added in products sold at your kirana store/supermarket:

  1. Beverages: Glucose, sucrose, fruit concentrate, fruit pulp, fruit puree concentrate, milk solids, fruit juice powder, fruit vegetable extract
  2. Biscuits & Cakes: Invert syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin, liquid glucose, glucose syrup, fructose
  3. Toffees & Candies: Sugar, invert sugar, fruit puree, liquid glucose
  4. Chips & Wafers: Sugar, dextrose, milk solids, refined sugar, maltodextrin, sugar powder, invert sugar syrup
  5. Chocolates & Ice creams: Milk solids, sugar, glucose syrup, lactose, demerara sugar, liquid glucose, 
  6. Jams: sugar, mixed fruit pulp
We live in a sea of sugars. Be healthy and gift good health to your children