Good Discoveries For Health

The Many Benefits of Healthy Cooking With Kids

Gets kids sensitised to healthy foods & flavours. They learn new skills and break the gender stereotype of cooking being for women

Switch To Eco-friendly Disposable Containers

Go green and use eco-friendly disposable containers like kulhads, banana leaves and those made from bagasse and rice husks

Adopt This Yoga Pose While Eating

Sukhasana pose has many health benefits. Your kids and you should adopt it while eating

Shravan - The Month of Fasting & Detox

A month of fasting, no non-veg food and simple eating. Detox your body & stay healthy.

Mango: History & Some Stories

You love your mangoes but you may not know this

Soaking Food: Don't Forget This Tradition

Not the same for all foods. Essential to remove toxins in some, not required in others 

Rediscover The Cool Matka

Cooling drinking water the traditional way. Explore the wonders of the earthen pot or Matka

Flowers & Gods: The Connection

Ever wondered how flowers are connected to different religions and various gods