About us

Foodrik is your Food & Nutrition partner in your parenting journey, We believe in right eating, healthy living and embracing traditional, seasonal and local foods

Foodrik is focussed on information and solutions for Mothers and Fathers with children from 2 to teens who want their child to:

- Grow well, have sharp minds, stay healthy
- Avoid weight, sugar and behavioural problems, that we see around us, later in their child's life

Foodrik is built around science, traditions and knowledge. Backed by Doctors, Nutritionists, Teachers, Ayurveda and Yoga experts from India and abroad 

Foodrik Team

Ratika Chawla

Ratika Chawla is a dietitian & has experience as an educationist with undernourished children in Delhi and Udupi, Karnataka

Mayank Sinha

Mayank Sinha is the founder at Foodrik. He has worked for more than 15 years in UK & India in the pharmaceutical industry before founding Foodrik. A BA/MA/MBA. An active father of 2 young boys

Palak Aggarwal

Palak Aggarwal looks after digital marketing and local events

Sanjana Shah

Sanjana Shah is an experienced nutritionist based in Mumbai. She believes one doesn’t have to be great to start but start to become great

Dimple Solanki

Dimple Solanki is a clinical dietician based in Pune. She believes in the power of Yoga and is a paediatrician nutritionist

Our Panel of Experts

Dr. Mala Sinha

Professor of management at Delhi University. An expert on indigenous psychology & spiritual knowledge traditions. She is involved in social enterprises & women empowerment

Dr Amita Chandra

A PhD & has been associated with Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for more than 2 decades & is based in Delhi

Dr Preeti Yadav

An Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgeon practising in Delhi, An alumni of MAMC, she is actively involved in health programs for the underprivileged

Nivi Jaswal

A Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach and a Plant-Based Educator based in Boston, the USA. She has a diverse experience in Marketing Strategy & Brand management

Dr Pallavi Sinha

A psychiatrist practising with Saarthak Mental Health Services in Delhi. A keen researcher, she has more than 15 publications

Dr Rahul Thakur

A practising physician based in the UK. He specialises in diabetes

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